PHP - Understanding the Preliminaries

1:- Introduction to Web & Internet

2:- Introduction to Server

3:- Understanding localhost server

4:- Starting PHP

5:- PHP Syntax and Variables

6:- Operators and Expressions

7:- Conditional Branching and Looping Statements

8:- Learning Arrays in PHP

PHP - The Core Logics and Techniques

1:- String and Math Functions in PHP

2:- Introduction HTML Form Elements and Fields

3:- Accessing PHP, HTTP Data

4:- Query Strings and HyperLinks

5:- Describing Pre-Defined Variables-Super Global Arrays

6:- Understanding Functions, Important PHP Functions

7:- What are the Scope of Variables

8:- Usage of Include and require Statements

PHP - File Handling. The Plain Repository of Data

1:- Handling files and Directories in PHP

2:- Fetching Information from Files

3:- Uploading and Downloading Files

PHP and MySQL - The Structured Repository

1:- PHP MySQL Connectivity

2:- Integrating Web Forms and Database

3:- Using PHP's MySQL Extenction

4:- Using PHP's PDO Extenction

Learn More Advanced Techniques in PHP

1:- Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

2:- Classes and Object

3:- Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism

4:- Constructors and Destructors

5:- Overloading, Overriding of Functions

6:- Exception Handling

7:- Regular Expressions

8:- Session Handling

9:- Using Cookies

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