Introduction of Laravel PHP Framework

1:- Installing Laravel

2:- Artisan CLI ( command-line interface )

3:- Laravel Directory Structure

4:- Configuring a new Laravel project

Setting up a sample project

1:- Artisan command to generate boiler plate code for a controller

2:- Basic routing

3:- Call a controller method from a route

4:- Passing variables from controllers to views

HTML Template to Laravel Blade Template

1:- Template inheritance

2:- Master layout

3:- Extending the master layout

4:- Displaying variables

5:- Blade conditional statements

6:- Blade Loops

7:- Executing PHP functions in blade

8:- Displaying Your Views

9:- Creating and using a basic views

10:- Loading a view into another view/nested views

11:- Adding assets

12:- Integrating with Bootstrap


1:- Introduction

2:- Requirements for running migrations

3:- Artisan migration command

4:- Migration structure

5:- How to create a table using a migration

6:- Laravel migration rollback

7:- Database seeding

8:- Migrations for our project database

Using Forms and Gathering Input

1:- Creating contact us form

2:- Validating user input

3:- Sending email

4:- Creating a file uploader

5:- Validating a file uploader

6:- Creating a custom error message

Creating a registration & user login form

1:- using Artisn command to create inbuilt user register and login system - Authenticating Your     Application

2:- Adding Custom Fields to Registration Form

3:- Creating user profile page

Admin Panel Setup

1:- Introduction

2:- Setup Admin Panel using Bootstrap theme

3:- Cretae Admin login

4:- Creating an admin authentication system

5:- Encrypting and decrypting data

Using Controllers and Routes for URLs and APIs

1:- Introduction

2:- Creating a basic controller

3:- Creating a route using a closure

4:- Making the controller RESTful

5:- Using route groups

6:- Building a RESTful API with routes

Eloquent ORM ( Storing and Using Data )

1:- Eloquent ORM Models

2:- Naming conventions

3:- Table name and primary keys

4:- Timestamps


6:- Using models in controllers

7:- Displaying data from models in views

Creating and Using Composer Packages

1:- Introduction

2:- Downloading and installing packages

3:- Using a basic Shopping Cart package in our project

Using Ajax and jQuery

1:- Introduction

2:- Getting data from another page

3:- Setting up a controller to return JSON data

4:- Creating an Jquery,AJAX comment system

Security & Session

1:- Using Security

2:- Sessions Effective

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